Current Acts


Macho Man

This award-winnning act received the honor of “Best Comedic Act” and “Best Act Over All” at the 2019 Illinois Burlypicks competition.

(New photos coming soon) This dance is an ode to classic circus and sideshow! Rosie wears a mustache and tattoo sleeves, showing off her skills with a leopard print cape, an impressive and unreasonably sized barbell, and perhaps the world’s strongest vagina.

Macho man vid grab.jpg


Coming Up Rosie

A rock and roll song juxtaposed with exquisite costuming, Rosie’s namesake act features twirling panel skirts, and expertly manipulated ostrich feather fans. Elegant and classic, but with the right amount of oomph, Rosie will bump and grind her way into your heart.

I Gotcha

If you want an 11 o’clock number or an attention-grabbing opener, this is the act for you. Using choreography inspired by Fosse to “Gotcha” from LIZA WITH A Z, this dance is packed with bravado and power. Rosie’s costume is layer upon layer of enticing textures including leather and beading, and will get audiences on their feet cheering for more with tassel twirling and an aggressive glove-pull.



Color my world

This rhinestone studded act is a love letter to jazz. Dancing to big band Chicago’s “Color My World”, Rosie showcases a light blue gown dripping in crystals. A surprise fan reveal completes the act, transporting viewers to the vaudevillian hallmark of the art of the tease.

Carnival of the Animals

A bouncy and playful twist on classic presentation. This cheeky act features tassel and assel twirling. It’s three minutes of pure joy set to the final movement of Camille Saint-Saen’s Carnival of the Animals. Audiences delight in the fast pace, comedy, and, of course, tassels.




Inspired by Shakespeare’s HAMLET, this is an emotional and visceral act featuring the drowning of Ophelia. Floral elements of the costuming and a dreamy setting evokes other Shakespearean imagery, harkening to the fairies of A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM. The dance is set to Radiohead’s “True Love Waits” and may leave audiences gasping for breath right along with her.


Inspired by the mad tea party from Alice In Wonderland. This act originally appeared in the Buttcracker Burlesque. The Land of the Sweets got a whole lot sweeter with Rosie on the table. Victorian-inspired costuming with a hand-painted corset, a tea-cup bra, and tear-away bloomers make this act completely one of a kind. Perfect for a fantasy, storybook, or Christmas themed show.


A Call From the Vatican

This veil act is burlesque quite literally “stripped down”. Expert fabric manipulation with a gorgeous white and gold color palette showcases Rosie’s elegant dancing. This act is set to the song “A Call From The Vatican” from the Broadway musical NINE.


This Dragtastic act is inspired by the sea witch who started it all. “Divine” costuming with tentacles in all the right places on an embellished black velvet gown, and a sassy attitude will make you fall in love with this villain.

CropDSCF7272 (1).jpg


Lost And found

Using a sultry song by the same name from the Broadway musical CITY OF ANGELS, this femme fatale act is a stunningly sparkly tribute to noire. Rosie raises hell in this lounge act, and you might just need to take a drag of her cigarette when she’s done.

Shimmy like my sister kate

Ever see a burlesque act and think, “huh, I bet I could do that”? Well this is your chance to prove it, right here, right now. Perfect for birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties and intimate venues, audiences get to put one of their own in the hot seat. Clothing relatively optional, Rosie provides a pair of pasties to her audience volunteer, and shows them the ropes. Learning to tassel twirl is only the first step!




This adorable act features a classic burlesque prop that isn’t brought onto the modern stage very often! The maribou powder puff begs the question, just how long can a lady spend powdering her nose? Dancing to french inspired music, baby powder and glitter goes flying to dramatic effect.

Little drop of poison

This haunted Halloween act is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A Kink-themed scientist in a lab coat guzzles unidentifiable sludge from test-tubes onstage, and “finishes“ off the audience with a grotesque ejaculation of silly string. Your audience will probably say “Oh my God“, “What the FUCK”, and “No, please, don’t!”

Not Seeing What you’re looking for?

Contact Rosie for booking availability and to discuss custom act creation. Rosie can design a brand new act to fit your event’s theme, mood, color palette, or song choice!